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I am a senior sound engineer focused primarily on live film & TV orchestral scoring, computer game soundtracks and classical music.

Having worked in the recording industry for more than twenty years, I became a member of the Smecky Music Studios team, long-term collaborator of highly acclaimed The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and fellow worker of British production company Tadlow Music Ltd. Currently I study techniques of the game sound design in Audiokinetic Wwise middleware.

My clients are all around the world but mainly from United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Korea. I am used to working for AAA brands, major labels and within the large and international production crews. My work includes not only all typical stages of production process like as usual recording and mixing but all the related procedures such as workflow suggestion and implementation, all the preproduction routines or frequent usage of remote recording technology.

Please look at my extensive credits (currently 181) at my IMDb.com profile and do not hesitate to reach me at vitek@vitekkral.com or check out other ways how to contact me. I will be happy to reply asap.

And last but not least… By working with me, you support this animal shelter Kocici domov slunicko.