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Long story short…

I am a senior sound engineer professional, 36 years old, focused primarily on film & TV orchestral scoring, computer game soundtracks and classical music. Experienced in dialogue editing, audio restoration, foley art, field recording, sound design and Wwise.

Twenty years in industry. Member of Smecky Music Studios team, long-term collaborator of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and fellow worker of British production company Tadlow Music Ltd.

Clients all around the world, AAA brands, major labels, large and international production crews. Anyway, I don’t mind small productions and projects with limited budget.

Credits can be found either here, at my IMDb.com profile or at Allmusic.com.

I am proud supporter of stray cat shelter Kocici domov slunicko (‘Little sun’ cat’s home).

You can reach me at vitek@vitekkral.com or here are the other ways.