I am a senior sound engineer focused mainly on film&TV scoring, computer game and classical music. Even though I am 36, I am twenty years in the industry, CEFR C1 certified, member of the Smecky Music Studios team, acclaimed The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the long-term collaborator of the Tadlow Music Ltd.

My clients are all around the world. Please look at my credits (currently 161) at and do not hesitate to reach me at or other contacts.

I am highly skilled in:

– film, TV, computer game, live show and classical scoring (attended as well as remote sessions)
– working for major brands and within large production teams all around the world, mainly from United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Korea
– orchestral, choir and all the acoustic instrument recording techniques
– working on large frame analog & digital consoles – currently Neve 88RS with ATC monitoring
– multichannel editing and mixing 4.0/5.1/7.1 (otb&itb) incl. live session mixes and stem mixes (I prepare myself for Dolby Atmos)
– Source Elements remote recording technology – versions Pro, Live & Now incl. all the needed network configuration
– studio and concert hall miking methodology
– complex audio, midi, timecode and miscellaneous signal routing incl. digital protocols
– using DSP units like as Avid Pro Tools HDX environment and Universal Audio UAD2
– knowledge of (nearly) all major AAX plug-in brands
– capturing impulse responses (IR) of various environment and electronic equipment
– all the preproduction routines incl. video conversions, stem preparation, tempo map & midi programming either from notation sw midi export or printed scores, EDI Prompt streamer markers, etc.
– advanced large data transfers (Aspera, ftp, cloud based storages)
– knowledge of all major scoring stages in Prague

My long term plans are exploration of Dolby Atmos, VR sound and C# programming.

And last but not least… By working with me, you support this animal shelter