What I do

I am highly skilled in:

film, TV, computer game, live show and classical scoring (attended as well as remote sessions)
– working for major brands and within large production teams all around the world, mainly from United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Korea
– orchestral, choir and all the acoustic instrument recording techniques
working on large frame analog & digital consoles – currently Neve 88RS with ATC monitoring
multichannel editing and mixing 4.0/5.1/7.1 (otb&itb) incl. live session mixes and stem mixes
Source Elements remote recording technology – versions Pro, Live & Now incl. all the needed network configuration
– studio and concert hall miking methodology
– complex audio, midi, timecode and miscellaneous signal routing incl. digital protocols
using DSP units like as Avid Pro Tools HDX environment and Universal Audio UAD2
– knowledge of (nearly) all major AAX plug-in brands
capturing impulse responses (IR) of various environment and electronic equipment
foley art – recording and editing
– creation of sound assets for games
interactive music preparation and programming in Wwise
all the preproduction routines incl. video conversions, stem preparation, tempo map & midi programming either from notation sw midi export or printed scores, EDI Prompt streamer markers, etc.
– advanced large data transfers (Aspera, ftp, cloud based storages)
– knowledge of all major scoring stages in Prague

Nowadays I study Audiokinetic Wwise middleware to extend my skills.